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Apo Island Accommodations

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Apo island is very popular with divers who live near, or visit, Dumaguete City.  The area around Apo Island has a community-managed marine sanctuary that teems with astounding varieties of corals and fish. Local resident divers often take day trips to the area.  Many of these day trips to Apo Island are sponsored by dive resorts along the Negros Oriental coast between Dauin, and Zamboanguita.

There are only a few places to stay on Apo Island

Your choice of accommodation on Apo Island is limited to 3 known establishments.  The price of an overnight stay is good value, but more choices on the mainland mean better bargains are just a 40 minute boat ride away.  You may want to stay overnight to get an early start with your snorkeling or diving.  If you are not an early riser then you need to stay overnight if you prefer afternoon diving.  This is because the seas can be rough and unpredictable in the afternoon so all boats leaving the island do so before 4 pm.  Don’t plan an afternoon dive and then hope to leave the island on the same day.

Mainland Offerings

The public wharf for boats to Apo Island is at Zamboanguita.  On Wednesday mornings there is a farmer’s and artisan’s market along the road from the  main highway to the wharf.  It is an easy walk so take your time and shop if you have planned to leave for Apo Island on a Wednesday.  There is a restaurant serving English breakfast near the wharf.  If you left your hotel early this will be a pleasant stop.

There are dive resorts along the coast that offer accommodation and organized diving day-trips.  Staying at mainland resorts gives you many more options for evening entertainment and shopping in nearby Dumaguete.


Visitors who choose to spend the night on Apo Island may wonder about their menu choices.  Due to the popularity among foreign visitors there is a choice of western and Filipino food.  There are accommodation packages that include meals so you may wish to ask about the menu before booking your room.

Which did you choose?

Staying overnight on a secluded tropical island may not be everyone’s idea of fun but it does allow for early morning and late afternoon diving.  Did you choose to stay at Apo Island accommodation or did you pick  the day-trip?