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Coffee Shops in Dumaguete City

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Dumaguete City – Coffee shops in Dumaguete have evolved beyond Mom and Pop cafes.  The current trend in Dumaguete is toward cozy little shops with an exotic array of coffees, teas, frappes and more.  Comfortable seating, relaxed atmosphere and fast Wifi are turning these bistros and tea houses into a home away from home for today’s college crowd and other young adults.


Coffee shops serve more than coffee to Dumaguete clientele.  Expect to find a nice variety of cakes,  pastries and other snacks.  The drink menu is designed to confuse the most lucid mind.  Boutique coffee shops sell a wide variety of blends of coffee and tea.  Choose from  any number of different sizes, with a melange of sweeteners, whiteners, foams and condiments.  These coffee shops are easily confused with the tea houses where similar novelties are prepared and served.


A noticeable aspect to coffee shops is the price of a drink.  Customers no longer sit and drink a 10 peso cup of 3-in-1 instant coffee.  Today’s sophisticated blends are over 100 pesos a cup.  Sometimes well over.  A typical table of students will nurse one drink each for the entire evening.  It is the camaraderie of their friends and the welcoming atmosphere that gives good value to these specialty coffees.  There are no free refills.


Comfy arm chairs, mood music, and soft lighting encourage patrons to stay longer than is normal in a restaurant setting.  This causes chagrin among would-be customers waiting for a table to come available.  The scarcity of seating creates a desire to come early.  Since it is so hard to find a table, there is a belief that it must be a nice place.  On one occasion, at a tea shop in Dumaguete, a two-man band set up on the balcony and charmed the customers with folk music.

Not all coffee shops have this boutique atmosphere.  There are still coffee shop chains, in Dumaguete, that have the usual cookie-cutter franchise outlets.  These outlets have their own charm because the surroundings are always the same.

Other Coffee Shops

There are a few cross-over coffee shops in Dumaguete.  These businesses try to be all things to all people and the result is a regular restaurant.  You are welcome to sit and have a coffee and a pastry at these coffee shop restaurants, or stay and have a full meal.  The advantage to this style of coffee shop is usually the lower price.  For a quick cup of coffee and a piece of cake, this old school style of coffee shop is still alive and well in Dumaguete.  Try them all, you are sure to find one you enjoy.


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