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Dental Clinics in Dumaguete City

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Dumaguete City – There are so many dental clinics in Dumaguete City that it is a challenge to find the right one for you.  Whether you stroll around downtown or visit the mall, you can be sure of one thing.  You will see a dental clinic.

Why so many dental clinics

Dumaguete is a university city.  There are a lot of students who choose to become dentists and many desire to stay and work in the local area.  This gives a variety of choices to customers.  Do you choose the newly graduated dentist who is familiar with the latest procedures?  Perhaps you prefer an established professional.  Both are available.

Services offered

Dental clinics in Dumaguete all offer the usual filling, cleaning, and pulling of teeth.  Not every office has an X-ray machine so some clinics do not offer root canals.  The most profitable procedure, for the dentist, seems to be adding caps or crowns to cavity stricken teeth.  It is a fast and relatively painless procedure.  The price and quality of work vary greatly among the diverse dental clinics in Dumaguete.


Once you have chosen a dentist, decide your budget and stick to it.  Crowns and bridges can be made with different materials, resulting in individual pricing.  Perhaps the dentist is trying to sell you a cap when all you need is a filling.  Ask for a temporary cap.  This is the dentist’s way of putting a filling on your tooth for a fraction of the price of a cap.  If the tooth is not a molar or a front tooth, that temporary cap may last you for a decade.  A low-cost porcelain cap will start at about 8,000 pesos with prices climbing depending on the material used and the difficulty of the procedure.

How to choose

Friends and acquaintances are only too happy to share their dental experiences with you.  Start with them.  Realize that they may not have shopped around to try different dental clinics, so they may not be the most reliable sources of information.  The only sure way to decide is to try one.  Take a chance by asking for a cleaning and a check up.  If you don’t feel comfortable, get a second opinion from a different clinic.  Cleanliness of the office and price are important but the final decision is up to you.


Look for efficient, clean service at a reasonable price from a small town practitioner and you surely will not be disappointed.