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Health Clinics in Dumaguete City

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Dumaguete City – Your choices of health clinics in Dumaguete City are divided into a few different categories.  With some rare exceptions, western style health clinics are currently only available at the various Dumaguete hospitals.  All the services you will need, from stitches to intensive care, are available at the hospitals. This is not always the best option so read on for alternative health clinic ideas.

Barangay and city health clinics

Searching Dumaguete, you may find various Barangay health clinics or city health clinics.  These are specialized, low-budget clinics that cater to Filipinos who need certain vaccinations or other injections.  These are outreach clinics to help the people who do not have financial access to the health clinics offered at the local hospitals.  If you are not a resident of the specific barangay then these clinics will not help you.

Doctor’s offices and diagnostic clinics.

Away from the hospital setting you will find individual doctor’s offices.  A visit to the doctor will often result in a prescription to a nearby diagnostic clinic.  That is where you will get blood work, X-rays, and other detailed tests that your doctor will need.  The combination of doctor’s office and diagnostic clinic has a fair correlation to a western style health clinic.  One excellent feature of this symbiotic relationship is the short wait time.  Doctors will see you without an appointment and the diagnostic clinic is equally fast.

Pharmacy clinics

When all you need is a prescription, drop in at a Pharmacy clinic.  Many local pharmacies have a schedule to designate when the doctor is in.  If you can describe your symptoms and what you think you need, it is often a simple matter to write and fill a prescription at the same time.  If you are already taking certain medicines and just need a refill, a doctor’s visit is seldom required.

Other clinics

Specialty clinics abound for ailments like wart removal, skin blemish treatment, and beauty enhancements.  Maternity clinics are common.  Other types of medical services available in Dumaguete include chiropractic healing,, acupuncture, optometry, naturopathic treatment, massage and even  the occasional witch doctor.

Final Say

Most people go to the medical clinics at one of the hospitals in Dumaguete City. This creates long wait times, overcrowding, and less personal service.  Prices vary so shop around . Consider going to the alternatives outlined in this article for treatment that suits your health problems.