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Korean Restaurants in Dumaguete City

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Dumaguete City – Korean food has been available in Dumaguete for many years, but until recently the choices have been limited. Two new Korean restaurants have opened their doors in the last 12 months and that East Asian community is rapidly growing in Dumaguete. New does not always mean better so be sure to try the well-established businesses in addition to the latest offerings.


Each of the 5 Korean food restaurants, in Dumaguete City, have a good variety of ethnic choices on the menu. Portions are traditionally large so plan to share with a friend.  Korean nationals are the most frequent customers, which results in each of these establishments having only a limited number of entrées from outside their own culture.  Picture a group of 10 friends, in Philippines, trying to find a mutually acceptable place to dine one evening.  Menu choices for Filipinos and other cultures would be a welcome addition to the Korean restaurant menu.


A peculiarity of Korean culture is their desire to sit cross-legged on the floor while dining.  This stimulating concept is available at one or more of the Dumaguete Korean Restaurants but not at all of them.  Not all customers are comfortable in that position and some popular dining rooms offer only table and chair seating arrangements. The atmosphere is welcoming and calm and any background music is subdued so the effect is pleasant.


Visitors to Korean Restaurants in Dumaguete will be delighted to know there is no language barrier.  Korean, English and local Philippine dialects are spoken and understood by the management and staff. While the menu may be indecipherable to non-Korean readers, there is always help to explain the many dishes available. Fortunately, there are always pictures to help overwhelmed patrons make their menu choices.


Koreans like their comfort.  Most of the Korean restaurants available in Dumaguete are air-conditioned.  Dine in comfort and style.  Service is a priority to Korean managers so expect better than average staff response.  If the service is not up to high standards then be sure to let management know. The price of ethnic Korean dining is slightly higher than the average Dumaguete restaurant but a 1,000 peso bill will adequately cover dinner for two. Reviews from other customers are usually favorable, despite the higher price tag. For comfort, style, price and attention to Korean traditions, this author rates Korean Restaurants in Dumaguete as “Must Try!”

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