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Law Firms in Dumaguete City

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Dumaguete City – Almost all the law firms in Dumaguete City will perform standard business services.  These include notarizing documents, preparing transfer deeds for sale of motor vehicles, and giving generalized legal advice.  Most of the Dumaguete law firms handle property transfers, leases and real estate issues.  There are many other Philippine law issues that require the assistance of a specific Dumaguete law firm.  Please seek local referrals to be sure you have the right type of law office.

Why are there so many law firms in Dumaguete City?

The Philippine justice system does not involve juries.  In all instances where legal disputes are settled in court, the judge will make the final decision.  That decision may be appealed and litigation in Philippines often takes decades to reach final conclusion.  Different judges will interpret the written law in different ways.  This means you can easily find many different lawyers who will give different advice on the expected result of your case.  It is essential to get second and third opinions from different law firms to see where there is agreement on your situation.


The price of a law firm seems to be negotiable.  If you want a document notarized, you can easily find a law firm to do it for 1000 pesos.  Alternatively, you can search very hard and get it done for 100 pesos.  That is a big percentage difference.  When a trial by judge is likely to be a  part of the process, it is not recommended that you choose a law firm based solely on cost.  Be sure to negotiate in advance, as finding a maximum tariff that a Dumaguete law firm will charge is up to the client.

Do you need a lawyer?

There are a number of ways to handle legal issues in Dumaguete City without the use of law firms.  It is not the local custom to call a lawyer every time there is a problem.  For example, when you have a dispute with a neighbor you could let the barangay captain handle it. In other cases, many people buy, sell or lease property or vehicles by writing the documents themselves.  Wills are often written by the testator as holographic wills are legal in Philippines.  Some self-written documents still need to be notarized so do your due diligence.


Start by searching the Internet to find one of the many law firms in Dumaguete City.  Look at reviews and listen to friend’s advice.  Then be sure to get opinions from more than one law firm before proceeding with your legal matters.