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Pet Shops in Dumaguete City

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Dumaguete City – Every street has a pet shop in Dumaguete City. While this may not be entirely accurate, it is easy  to find pet shops and veterinarians in Dumaguete.  Dogs and cats are immensely popular pets among local Filipinos and foreign visitors.  Although the shops seldom sell pets, they cater to your needs for feed, medicines, toys, tools, and veterinary services.

Pet sales

Dumaguete pet shops do not house pets for sale.  Instead, they often have a list of breeders  they can refer you to.  Dogs are the most popular pets and dog breeding is a trendy hobby. Pure breed dogs, with proper papers, are expensive.  This gives rise to curbside vendors on many street corners around the city.  When using these curbside vendors be sure to take your pet to a qualified veterinarian as disease is common among young pups and other animals.

Pet food

One of the best values at Dumaguete pet shops is the choice of feed.  Supermarkets will sell dog and cat food for double the price of your local pet store.  Merchants manage to offer lower prices by buying pet food in bulk and distributing it into smaller packaging, which is more affordable to local pet owners.

Pet tools

Cages are used by many Filipinos to keep their pets at home and out of trouble.  There are people who think this is inhumane, but we shall leave that discussion to others.  Small cages are available at most pet shops at a steep mark-up.  A hint for those with larger dogs, and other animals, is to visit your local welding shop and get an estimate for a custom-built enclosure.  Muzzles are also controversial tools, but you can find them at local pet shops in Dumaguete.

Vet services

Every pet store has a veterinarian available. Vet services are the bread and butter of most Dumaguete pet store proprietors.  Pet owners are seen as prosperous customers and the price of veterinary service reflects that belief.  One common service involves spaying or neutering your pet.  There is no standardized fee for these operations, so each pet shop has a different price.  It pays to shop around.  Consult with the provincial veterinarian to find a fair price.  In some cases, the provincial vet will spay or neuter you pet for free.


Check out many pet shops in Dumaguete before choosing one to take care of your precious companion.  Compare prices and observe the way they treat the other animals in their care.  You are sure to find a suitable pet store in Dumaguete City.